Thursday, August 2, 2012

Crafter's block.....

Have any of you just had days where no matter how much you want to create something beautiful and new , you just can't? I am having that problem this week. I see beautiful cards and new layouts I get my stuff out and NOTHING!!!
On a brighter note I'm hoping to start building my copic collection because I love digis! I love coloring so I'm hoping once I have a decent amount of colors that will help :)

Oh and only 5 more followers till I give away a small token of appreciation :)


  1. I have had it a lot :)
    It goes away.
    ps i shared your blog on my facebook. Hopefully it gets you followers.

    1. I seem to be in a crafting rut :( Can't wait till it does :) Thanks SO much !

  2. I have this all the time! I still haven't found a cure for it! lol

    The worse part if you try to create something it never turns out good at all! I hate it!

    New follower!

    1. It really sucks esp when the kids are in bed, laundry & dishes done for the night then .....NOTHING or crap :(
      Thanks for following :)